Microsoft Word Tips: Saving a Document in a Different Version


If you have an older version of Microsoft e.g. 2003 and you get sent a document from a newer version i.e. 2007 you won’t be able to open the file. If you don’t want this to happen there are two things that you can do.Microsoft Word 2007 Save As



  1. You can Upgrade to the newer version if you wish
  2. Or you can ask the sender to Save It In a Older Version and then send it back



If you want them to resend the document back to you in the 2003 version here’s how they can do it



  1. Click on the Office Button then go down to Save As
  2. Move your mouse onto the arrow next to Save As
  3. Choose the same version that you need (Word 97-2003 Document)
  4. Then click on Save



The sender can then send it to you in the format you can read.


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