The Five Best Things to Do This Easter Holiday

It’s Easter Easter EggsWeekend. The weather is shining but we’re all still on Lockdown. We can’t take a mini-break or even go to the park, so what are we going to do? The good news is there are still plenty of things to do to make this a real Bank Holiday weekend to remember.


Here are five things to do (with not a Box-Set in sight) to keep you in the Bank Holiday Spirit:


1. Tour Historic Buildings and Museums
You may not be able to get to them, but it’s still possible to virtually tour a large number of cultural venues, from the British Museum to the National Gallery and even the Houses of Parliament. It’s worth checking if your favourite venue has a virtual tour and even if it doesn’t, there is still something to suit every taste, such as the RAF Museum.


2. Create a virtual pub quiz for your friends and family
Virtual quizzes have become the new big thing. If you haven’t already had on, then host one for the Bank Holiday and invite your friends and family to join you on your preferred video app. The great news is that everyone brings their own bottle and washes their own glasses!


3. Take Some Virtual Tennis Lessons
If you are already a keen player, or even a complete novice, the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) have put together a series of 12 videos with moves that can be practiced in your own garden. They are aimed at children, so will suit a complete beginner, but will also still help to keep that two-handed backhand as deadly as it ever was.


4. Bake Your Own Bread
Everyone’s baking bread in Lockdown, from Stephen Fry to Holly Willoughby. Here at Infero, we even have our own resident ex-baker. There are hundreds of recipes out there, including ones which only use what most of us already have in the back of our cupboards. Why not have a go yourself? Who knows, maybe you’re the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry!


5. Sit Down to Watch Some Stand-Up
Watch some of the UK’s best comedians without even paying an entrance fee. ‘The Stay at Home Festival’ runs from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th. There are live shows both during the day and later at night and acts include Isy Suttie and Josie Long.


Whatever you do have fun. The Easter Bunny had been designated as a Key Worker, so it will all be ok.

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