Live Half-Day Virtual Training

After the success of our Virtual Online Training, Infero is now able to offer Training that is even more flexible and convenient. It is now possible to divide your training into half-days, allowing you to complete your course whilst still maintaining your work schedule, attending important meetings and meeting other commitments. This is Remote learning tailored exactly to you and your organisation’s requirements.

“…delivered to suit you, your work-patterns and the requirements of your organisation.”

At Infero, we know how difficult it can be to schedule training, especially in the current situation; juggling the availability of team members and complex working can be hard to do, but there is a solution.

…full interaction with your trainer, and…having the flexibility of breaking your course into half day sessions.”

Infero can now offer all of our Training Courses, from Microsoft Office through to Time Management divided into half days of Virtual Online Training. This means that it is now possible to train for half a day, whilst working for the other half. You can choose either morning sessions for your training, or afternoon sessions, or even a mixture of both.

Infero’s Virtual Online Training has all of the advantages of Classroom study, but without the effort and cost of travelling. You get the full interaction with your trainer that you would expect in a normal course, whilst still being able to keep up with your day to day working commitments. Find out more about Virtual Online Training here.

“Virtual training is an online, interactive classroom where people meet live. Participants engage in learning activities and interact with the Trainer/Facilitator, as well as each other…allowing group discussion, individual questions and practice exercises, all in real time.”

 For our training at Infero, we use WebEx video training platform. It is exceptionally easy to check if your system meets WebEx requirements, but all you really need is an internet-connected computer or laptop, with either a built-in microphone or headphones with a mic. For some courses you may require an additional screen. This can be a second computer monitor, a normal TV (to which you can connect using a standard HDMI cable used to connect most peripherals), or even a tablet.

Infero had now made it possible to have Live, Online Training that provides full interaction with your trainer, and at the same time having the flexibility of breaking your course into half day sessions. This can then be delivered to suit you, your work-patterns and the requirements of your organisation.

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