Computer Learning/Emotional Intelligence Month

October is Computer Learning Month. It is also Emotional Intelligence month. Although these seem quite diverse subjects, they are both about improving our own skills. They are also both about connecting with other people, either through understanding emotions or by being able to use all the digital methods of communication.

Computer Learning Month

Computers are now in every part of our lives. From the smartphones that we spend so much time using, to the laptops and desktops in all businesses. However, although for some, computers have always been part of their lives, in relative terms, it is not really that long they were not as ubiquitous as they now are. Although it is easy to assume that everyone is able to use computers, that isn’t the case. Computer Learning Month is for those who have difficulty working with computers, or just need a refresher.

People may not be familiar with computers because of a lack of opportunity, or because they are from a generation before computers were widely used. While many people will live their lives quite happily without using computers, it is increasingly disadvantageous not to have basic computer skills.

Computer Learning Month was established to encourage those who aren’t familiar with computers. It highlights the opportunities available to learn more about computers, such as classes at local libraries starting with courses on things such as basic internet usage.

Computer Learning is essential because computers are involved in almost everything, such as paying bills, scheduling appointments, and finding information on almost everything, so it’s important that people are not left behind. There is already, an increasing digital divide, between those who do and don’t have access to a computer.

You can celebrate Computer Learning Month, by enrolling in classes to build on your skills. Of course, at Infero, we offer courses at all levels. However, even if you already have good computer skills, there is always something new you can learn to help enhance your abilities.

Better knowledge of computing enables people to stay in touch with friends, families and friends, especially in the current situation. We have a previous post that gives some tips on increasing your Computer Learning here.


Emotional Intelligence Month

October is also Emotional Intelligence month and its annual campaign to educate people about the subject began in 2006. The Emotional Intelligence Institute organizes Emotional Intelligence Month and offers free educational materials for free on the non-profit’s website.

Managing and developing our emotions and understanding those of others is critical for all of us. As well as the information available we have 10 ways to improve your Emotional Intelligence here.


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