Stress Management Course

Living with high levels of stress can put your entire well-being at risk. wreaking havoc on your emotional and physical health. It narrows your ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. There may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress, but you have a lot more control than you might think.

Effective stress management helps you to be happier, healthier, and more productive. It helps achieve a balanced life, with time for work, relaxation, and fun. Perhaps most importantly, good stress management helps you to develop resilience; meaning you are able to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on. Infero’s stress management course helps you experiment and find out what works best for you.


In this one day Infero course, participants will learn how to define stress and will learn to understand its effects on emotional health, examine strategies for coping with stress, employ mindfulness meditation techniques, learn how to make personal contacts positive and meaningful, and explore ways to attain and maintain emotional maturity.

Delivery Method – Instructor led, group-paced, online or classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Prerequisites – There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives – You will examine strategies for coping with stress.


Welcome and Introductions

Learning Objectives and Agenda

MODULE 1: Understanding Stress

Recognizing Stress

Identifying Behavior Patterns

The Three Stages of Stress

Examining Workplace Stress

Stress in Your Workplace

Understanding Burnout

Finding the Right Amount of Stress

MODULE 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Stress

Identifying Stress in Your Life

Coping with Stress

Stress Release

Case Study: Maria’s Overwhelming Stress

MODULE 3: Reducing Stress Through Biofeedback, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Understanding Biofeedback and Mindfulness

Meditation Exercise

Seven Attitudes That Contribute to Emotional Health

MODULE 4: Improving Relationships with Self and Others

Accepting Yourself as a Unique Individual

Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations

Assessing Your Strengths

Acknowledging Universal Human Needs

Building Better Relationships

Recognizing Negative Relationship Patterns

How Well Do You Relate to Others?

Case Study: John Relates to Family and Friends

MODULE 5: Enhancing Your Emotional Health

Understanding Emotional Maturity

Case Study: Roger Deals with a Common Problem

Exploring Your Own Emotional Fitness

Building Self-Confidence

Solving Problems Openly

Ten Tips for Maintaining Emotional Fitness

Case Study: Carol Looks Ahead

Setting Personal Goals


Learning Objectives Review

Course Evaluation

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