Amazing Things You Never Knew About MS OneNote

OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office and like Evernote can be used for taking notes and storing information, making it perfect for research and other projects.

It allows the creation of notebooks for different areas and topics; each of these notebooks can then be divided into sections and pages. The basic structure then is Notebook > Section > Pages. However, pages can also have subpages.  And subpages can also have subpages, which allows for many levels to arrange your information in. It is also possible to have multiple notebooks in OneNote, each dedicated to a different topic.

When you have created a notebook, a section and put in your first page, you will be able to type notes in, just as in any word processor. OneNote offers the same tools as Word in its ribbon: font, text style, bullets and numbering, highlighting etc. Tables can be created and it is possible to insert images, photos, audio, and video. Audio can also be recorded. Images that appear within notes can be enlarged, shrunk, and cropped. It is possible to create links or paste in URLs from web browsers. 

OneNote differs from Word and other word-processors in one crucial respect. Its pages act more like a pinboard than a Word document. Every piece of content put into a page is placed in its own field or box. Boxes can be re-sized or dragged to change their position on the page.

If you use OneNote on a tablet or a touchscreen laptop, you can also draw, sketch, and write notes freehand. It is even possible to get text from an image and paste it right into the note (or anywhere else). This is one of OneNote’s best and surprising little-known features.

OneNote notebooks synced to OneDrive can be opened on any device connected to your Microsoft Office account, be it a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.

Microsoft also provides a web clipper browser extension that allows the copying of content from a webpage directly into OneNote, eliminating the need to cut and paste. Ads and other unwanted er page elements can be stripped out and there are options to clip the whole page or just a specific section.

The best thing about OneNote is that it is pretty much free. It comes as standard with all Office installations, but even if you haven’t got one of these it can be downloaded for free on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, or accessed as part of an Office Online Account.

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