25 Ways to Be Creative

The BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test suggested that being creative is good for you and can help avoid stress and improve self-development. Multiple past studies confirm that being creative can increase positive emotions, decrease anxiety, and even improve immune system functioning. And more, a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology said that engaging in creative activities outside of the office can result in better work performance.

“You Can’t Use Up Creativity. The More You Use, The More You Have”

– Maya Angelou

Being creative doesn’t have to be hard and if you think you are not creative, it is just not true.

“If someone tells you they cannot read and write, you don’t assume that they are not capable of reading and writing, but that they have not been taught. It is the same with creativity. When people say to me that they are not creative, I assume they just haven’t learned what’s involved.” –  Ken Robinson 

There are countless creative things that you can do, some achievable very easily (although some take a little more work, obviously); some that you can do right now and some that can be accomplished with things you already have. Here are twenty-five ideas to get you started:

  1. Write a Song. Pen just the lyrics, or just the music or both.
  2. Make Origami. There is plenty of help and ideas here.
  3. Write A Short Story. Fiction. Nonfiction. Romance, western, sci-fi, contemporary. Whatever.
  4. Draw A Picture. Use Crayons, paint, chalk, pencil, pens, or whatever you have to hand. You can draw digitally to on a tablet or laptop.
  5. Work on a Book. Novel, nonfiction, whatever and whenever you want. It can be about anything you want it to be.
  6. Get creative in your Garden with Flowers and Vegetables.
  7. Write Some Poem. Poetry can be almost anything. Here’s one list of nearly 200 different forms of poetry.
  8. Take Some Photos. Go to a park or some other interesting place near to you.
  9. Build A Website. It can be on anything. Just Google ‘how to create a website’ for almost endless help.
  10. Create a Playlist. Video or music. Or both. It’s up to you. Have different playlists for different moods.
  11. Upcycle a Piece of Furniture. Get it from a market or from your own home. Change that old piece of kit into something spectacular
  12. Get an Adult Colouring book. You can be incredibly creative just colouring in. You can even download pages to print out and colour.
  13. Rearrange Your Home or Paint and Decorate. Your project can be small or large.
  14. Try Candlemaking.
  15. Make a Video. We all have smartphones with the ability to take high quality video that we never use. There are plenty of free apps for video editing Try Shotcut to start off with
  16. What about Knitting, Needlework, Quilting or Crochet?  
  17. Create a New Recipe and Get Creative in The Kitchen. The TV schedules are full of cookery shows, so there are plenty of ideas. 
  18. Create a Photo Album. If you have a lot of photos hanging around, then buy an album and organise them. Or you can put those hundreds of digital photos into an online Photo Album
  19. Start a Journal and write about anything and everything.
  20. Buy a Model Kit and put it together and paint it.
  21. Design Some Clothes or a Bag or Shoes. Or customise some you already have.
  22. Make Some Recycled Art. Turn something you don’t use anymore into something great. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.
  23. Restore Something. If you have an item that is broken or past it’s best, do a little research and get it back to where it was.
  24. Research a Subject that you have always been interested in. You can use MS OneNote to organise what you find. (We have and upcoming blog on OneNote.)
  25. Practice an Instrument. If you ever once started to learn an instrument and still have it lying around, then pick it up and practice a little.

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun!”​

– Albert Einstein

And there are lots more things you can try. Go on – get creative!

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