National Picnic Month

As July is National Picnic Month, it encourages you to get out and about  and celebrate the warm summer days outdoors while enjoying some great food.

Throughout the history of civilization, there has always been something special about leaving  your home and eating a meal outdoors. We know there’s a beautiful world out there waiting for us to come and visit it, and when summer comes around, we all can’t wait to go out  and spend time outside.

Picnics have been used for many things throughout the centuries, from a simple family gathering spent enjoying the outdoors, to a peaceful protest in the  famous Pan-European Picnic, which was a peace demonstration held on the Austrian-Hungarian border near Sopron, Hungary on 19 August 1989.

Picnic Month celebrates the history of this activity and the way it has been used to bring families, countries, and all humanity together.

Picnic month is exceptionally easy to celebrate! All you need to do is just  to get outside and enjoy all the wonderful sights together with delicious food, which tastes much better outdoors.

Get your family and friends together at a nearby park and bring your favourite foods that can be eaten cold for a traditional picnic or bring a small grill and cook some delicious food on the spot.

Get the Children Involved

As summer arrives, a lot of parents may feel a little uneasy and not sure  how to keep their kids entertained.

A picnic is a perfectly easy, and  no fuss  activity to add some excitement  to the long summer days.

Whether you are a parent, carer or teacher, picnics are an ideal opportunity for learning and development. Simple tasks, such as buttering a slice of bread, or wrapping food and cutting up food can benefit children and contribute to their growth and further their skills

Positive Impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Science proved that nature and spending time outside has a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. Nature has a calming influence and provides a longing and much-needed escape from the everyday pressures. 

Planning a picnic and having something to look forward to also has a fantastic impact on mental health. The social interaction which is a part of picnics has also a positive influence on mental health and wellbeing as humans tend to  thrive on positive, real communications with others.

In 2021, picnics are still a much-loved and popular pastime which provide a welcome relief from the everyday routine.

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