Creating an Equal World For All With Human Rights Month

December marks and celebrates Human Rights Month, a time for international awareness for people and nations to join together and stand up for the rights and freedoms of individuals around the globe. The month stems from Human Rights Day, which is the 10th of December and marks the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the United Nations in 1948. 

Whilst it is true that many people around the world have their freedoms and can express themselves for who they are, there are many people who unfortunately can not, and December is a time to spread awareness about human rights violations around the world. 

Each year, the movement focuses on a different theme, this year international Human Rights Day is focusing on how rights are the beginning of peace within societies, and a way to create a fairer society for future generations. 

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved, by donating to many charities around the globe to help people get the necessary resources they need and help improve local communities.  

Currently, there are many human rights violations in which you can help with including the current Afghan crisis, in which many civilians are unable to access necessities and are being displaced by the war. 

Not too far from home is the UK’s poverty crisis, in which food prices rise and wages stagnate, with 2.5 million people receiving emergency foods from food banks in 2021.  

Take this time through the holidays to reflect and grow, keeping in mind that every person from every walk of life should be entitled to their basic human rights. 

The UN has a lot of information on Human Rights Day about how you can get involved and what they are doing in order to ensure Human Rights for everyone. 

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