Veganuary: Why Not Try Something New?

We’re always encouraged to eat healthier and think about where our food comes from, and ‘Veganuary’ gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. Whilst you may not want to become fully vegan, it is still a chance to challenge yourself and try out new and creative recipes that you may have never come across before. 

Basically Veganuary challenges you to go the full 31 days of January eating vegan, meaning no meat, dairy and any animal products such as honey. You can go even further if you wish and stop wearing leather or any other material created from animals for the whole month.

Currently around 79 million people worldwide identify as vegan and there are many reasons people decide to go vegan or try Veganuary, the most prominent one being to improve animal welfare. Concern for other species is not the only reason to adopt a vegan lifestyle however; people choose to be vegan because the diet can also boost your health and help the environment. A vegan regime can help those with some food allergies, or it could be just as simple as wanting to try new foods and recipes.

Some changes can be really easy: Oat milk over cow’s milk, eating Oreos over a chocolate digestive (yes, Oreos are vegan!), or having bean/potato burgers over meat burgers alongside so much more. 

If you are struggling don’t worry, many restaurants and food outlets now include a vegan menu including Greggs, McDonalds, KFC and Subway, so if you’re in a need for a quick lunch you can always treat yourself.

Instead of just buying vegan sausages or vegan bacon, though, you could try making whole new original vegan recipes for yourself, and use new flavours to expand your taste. There’s so much to try. To find out more on how to take part check the Veganuary website and even if you don’t end up becoming vegan or stop halfway through the month, at least you experienced something new and may have found something different that you wish to incorporate in your normal life. 



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