Helping You Keep To Your New Year’s Resolutions

The saying goes “new year new you” and to help ourselves we set up goals called New Year Resolutions, but over 25% of people quit their resolutions after just 2 weeks! We all like to think that this will be the year that will be different, but how can we make that a reality? Here are some tips on how to make your resolutions a reality. 

Keep A Diary 

Let’s say your goal is to go for a run once a week, by keeping a journal or diary you can keep track of when and what you did and after seeing that you’ve done it for a couple of weeks it will motivate you to continue. 

Try with a friend 

If you share a resolution with your friend, partner or with you family, then you can keep each other in check and motivate each other to achieve your goals. 

Make it realistic 

You can’t make miracles happen, if you don’t play the violin your goal shouldn’t be to play at the 02 arena after a few weeks. You motivation will go and you will give up. The trick is to be realistic and give yourself short term goals that lead to that cherished long-term goal. In that way you are much more likely to keep on track. 

Have fun! 

The point of resolutions is to develop yourself but also to have fun. If your resolution is about something that you enjoy doing, such as perhaps learning an instrument, then it won’t really feel like a chore and you will have the motivation to continue to learn. 

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