5 Ways to Make Your Easter Celebrations More Fun!

Easter is just around the corner, and traditions and celebrations for it are different around the world. However you celebrate it, here are our top 5 ways to make Easter fun this year, for all ages!

Easter Eggschange

It’s common to give gifts in lots of different holidays, but Easter is one where gift-giving isn’t something that is usually done. This is why we think participating in an ‘Easter Eggschange’ is a great idea.

It is just like a Secret Santa, but at Easter. A group of people anonymously buy each other gifts and exchange them. You can even create a theme, for example the gift has to somehow relate to Easter and see where people go with it.

Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are common around the UK and are easy to organise. Just buy a few hollow eggs, put little gifts or treats inside and hide them around a specific location such as the house or garden.

Then set friends or family off, looking around for them and winning the treats. You can even have a grand prize for the person who collects the most eggs.

Easter Games

There are many egg themed games you can play. Our favourites include:

Egg and Spoon Race: Simple and classic. All competitors place an egg on a spoon and then race each other across a specified distance. You can make it more sophisticated, by adding rules such as, if an egg falls and cracks, then the racer is eliminated from the race. Or why not make it an egg and spoon obstacle race to make it more of a challenge.

Egg Toss: Simple. Throw an egg as far as you can, without it breaking. Furthest distance tossed with the egg still un-cracked wins.

Easter Piñata: Fill up an Easter themed Piñata with mini chocolate eggs, sweets and treats. Everyone takes turns to hit it and then dive in and scoop up as many treats as possible.

Chocolate for Breakfast

Have you ever eaten chocolate for breakfast? We here at Infero can neither confirm or deny that we have ever guzzled Cadburys instead of cereal. What we can say is that while it’s not something that is a good idea to do everyday, maybe it is ok, as a special treat for Easter. After all, Easter eggs have been on sale at ridiculously low prices since January and if you find yourself with one too many come the day itself, then just this once, why not?

We won’t tell if you don’t.

Paint and Colour an egg

A fun tradition among children at school is to paint and/or colour eggs as the Easter holidays approach, but who says kids have to have all the fun.

Why not continue this tradition into adulthood and create a eggs-raordinary work of art. Create a few eggs in this way and you can even use these as part of your egg hunt, so the treats come inside a beautifully decorated egg. Or use a giant egg for eggs-tra eggs-travagance.

Enjoy Easter!

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