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Microsoft Access Tips: Adding Custom Shortcut Keys

Welcome to another Microsoft Access Tip. As we have discussed in previous articles, shortcut keys are a great way of saving time whilst working with different programs. In this tip, we will explain how you can add your own shortcuts to use to navigate your database


To assign a shortcut key to a field, follow these simple steps:


  • Edit the caption property of the label of the particular control you want to jump to, adding an ‘&‘ before the letter you want to act as the shortcut key.


For example, if you wish to be able to jump to a ‘Name’ field you could edit the ‘Name’ label accordingly: N&ame


  • In Form View the label will be displayed with the ‘a’ in name underlined: Name
  • Pressing ALT + A will switch the focus to the ‘Name’ field.


This technique can be used on any object that has a caption property and can make navigating your database a breeze.


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Microsoft Project Tips: How to Unhide Columns in a Gantt Chart

Unlike Microsoft Excel, Project doesn’t have an unhide feature. When you hide a column in Microsoft Office Project, the column is only removed from view, not deleted from your plan. Also, hiding a column doesn’t remove any information from your plan.


To bring the column back again, you need to insert the column like you would with any new column. Any custom formatting that you applied to a previously hidden column will need to be re-applied to the inserted column.


  1. In a sheet view, select the column to the right of where you want to show the column.
  2. On the Insert menu, click Column.
  3. Select the Field name you would like to display.