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Microsoft Word Tips: How to continue numbering

Numbering in word is easy as 1, 2, 3! In word documents you are able to use either Bullet Points or Numbers to make text jump out of the page. As you can see below it makes a list easier to read and brings the reader in!
1.    Make a Blog Post
2.    Upload it  to the Blog
3.    Profit!!!


But what happens when you want to stop the list, type a paragraph and then continue where the previous list left off?


You get to your numbering section you need to go to the Home tab, Paragraph Group. And located at the top left of this group are the bullets and number command buttons.Numbering 1


To turn the Numbering on click on the Numbering Command button in this group and to turn it off you can click it again and this will turn off the number on that line.

If you want to then re-continue your numbering later in the document, repress the Numbering Command button.
Numbering 2

You will see next to the new number a Lightning Bolt icon, this icon is a menu that will either show you 1 of 2 options: Continue Numbering or Restart Numbering. Select the option that you need and carry on typing.

Funding Opportunity: 50% off Training

We regularly review opportunities for our clients to get the best out of training and we came across the following funding, which helps companies to up-skill their IT force.


The objective and purpose of this funding is to increase the investment in IT training, which stimulates business growth and competitiveness. This, in return, will create a highly skilled force and therefore attract more business and investment which will boost UK economy.


Funded Courses
Funding is available for employers wanting to invest in the following strategic skills area:

  • Cyber Security, eg: CompTIA Security +
  • Network training, eg: CCNA, CompTIA Network +
  • IT infrastructure, eg: Microsoft Server
  • Data Management, eg: Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server
  • Other courses, eg: Exchange, SharePoint, VBA and more CompTIA courses

Employers may apply for up to 50% of the costs of training, up to a maximum of £500 per learner for each course applied for.


The main eligibility criterion of employers is as follows:

  • The business is based in England and the training is delivered in England
  • The training would not have taken place without the support of the fund, and has not already started.


For more details about the funding and eligible courses, please contact us on 0115 958 6699 or email