5 Ways to Celebrate Thank You Month

“Manners Cost Nothing” is something you probably heard a lot as a child, and as we get older, we start to appreciate the simple things, such as a “thanks” after helping someone out. 

In some parts of the world, January marks ‘Thank You Month’, a time to make sure our manners are still at their very best. And at the same time that you show gratitude for what others do for you with that simple “thank you”, you can take time to acknowledge why you are thankful. More than that, you can try to do something, however small, for others and give back to the community, as a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

There are many ways you can take part in the month, and getting involved can have some real, positive effects on both you and your community.

Getting Involved

  1. You could start a thank you journal, in which each day of January you write something that you are thankful for. You may be surprised at how much there actually is to be thankful about and you can start appreciating the little things in life.
  2. Reach out to someone who is there for you and thank them for something they did, or for just being a part of your life. Reassuring and showing gratitude to the people who are there for you is important, as making them feel appreciated shows them they are doing the right thing.
  3. Make sure to thank people who provide services, whether it be a teacher, a cashier or someone serving your breakfast at a café; hearing it will make their day and it doesn’t cost you anything.
  4. Give other people a reason to be thankful by providing acts of kindness to strangers and friends alike, it will brighten their day and yours, and makes it more likely for that person to pass on the kindness to a new stranger.
  5. Did you know that being thankful can actually produce dopamine, a chemical released in your brain when you are having a pleasant experience. Thanking someone can actually lift your mood and make you feel happier!

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