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Working From Home: How To Make Sure You Have The Skills Needed

As 2022 begins and with our world having changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to look into the future and make sure we are kept up to date with our necessary skills to succeed from the comfort of our homes.

One in four firms are allowing their workers to continue working from home, whether that be full time or mixing in office work as well, meaning we need to make sure we continue to develop our skills so we don’t fall behind. 

Without the office environment and co-workers being beside you to help, it can feel like you are not ready to work alone, but don’t worry. With these helpful tips, you will be back to efficient work in no time.

“Practice makes perfect.” 

One way to keep ahead is to make sure you are using the software as much as possible allowing you to remember how to perform a task easier each time. 

Going step-by-step learning new things and trying them over and over again will help you develop your skills further and each time you try you will see a noticeable improvement, motivating you to continue practising.

Don’t give up, you can’t be perfect after your first couple of tries, you’ll get the results you want just remember to take your time learning.

Try Something New 

Trying something new on the software will also help you keep up to date. When you try something new it builds your confidence in aspects you have already mastered as they will feel easier compared to what you’re trying as well as you also gaining new skills. 

It also gives you a break from a task that may not be going so well, so by trying something new you are refreshing your brain so that when you return hopefully you won’t be stuck anymore.

Get help 

If you’re struggling and need help, remember it’s ok to ask. Whether that be enrolling on a course or asking someone you know, having someone help you get to grips with the software can make a massive difference. 

If you are looking for some professional help, check out our Adobe or Microsoft courses to keep updated on the software.  

How To Identify Version Of Microsoft Office

When buying a course or looking for tips, it’s easier for the provider if you know which version of Microsoft Office you’re using. This guide will show you how to identify this on either Windows or Mac.


When using Windows


  1. Open any of your Office applications (Word or Excel) and create a new document.
  2. Choose File in the top left corner, and then select either Account or Help from the list on the left.
  3. Under Product Information, you’ll see your Office product name and, in some cases, the full version number.
  4. If the full version number doesn’t appear here, choose About Excel. A dialog box opens, showing the full version number and bit version (32- or 64-bit) at the top.

excel product


1 – Product name, such as Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office Home and Student 2016

2 – Full version number, which starts with 15 for Office 2013 or 16 for Office 2016.




On Mac


  1. Open any of your Office applications (E.g. Word or Excel) and create a new document.
  2. Go to the Excel menu and choose About Excel.
  3. In the dialog box that opens, the version number appears in the middle (Office for Mac 2016) or in the top left (Office for Mac 2011).





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Project 2013 Tip: Using the Task Inspect Tool

The Task Inspect Tool was introduced by Microsoft in Project 2010 to help project managers have even more control on their project and help, especially in long and complicated projects, and to determine and track down the causes of slipping tasks, which can be very problematic.  Trying to determine which predecessor relationship is pushing the scheduled start date out can be difficult with linked tasks residing multiple screens away.


After you have added your tasks, assigned resources and set your predecessors, you can use the Task Inspect too to help manage the project easily, without the need to bring up the Task Information Dialogue box every time.


To get the Task Inspect Tool:


1) Go to Task Tab on the Ribbon and head to the Tasks Command Group


pic 1


2) Click on the Inspect command


pic 2


3) This will bring the Task Inspect Tool next to the Ghant Chart Table view in Project. Now every time you select a Task the Task Inspector will bring all the details (predecessors, Assigned Resources, Calendars…) up in a simpler view.

pic 4pic 3


As you can see from screen grab, the Task Inspector can also be useful if Resourced assigned to the tasks are over allocated and will give you possible solutions.


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