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5 Ways to Celebrate Thank You Month

“Manners Cost Nothing” is something you probably heard a lot as a child, and as we get older, we start to appreciate the simple things, such as a “thanks” after helping someone out. 

In some parts of the world, January marks ‘Thank You Month’, a time to make sure our manners are still at their very best. And at the same time that you show gratitude for what others do for you with that simple “thank you”, you can take time to acknowledge why you are thankful. More than that, you can try to do something, however small, for others and give back to the community, as a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

There are many ways you can take part in the month, and getting involved can have some real, positive effects on both you and your community.

Getting Involved

  1. You could start a thank you journal, in which each day of January you write something that you are thankful for. You may be surprised at how much there actually is to be thankful about and you can start appreciating the little things in life.
  2. Reach out to someone who is there for you and thank them for something they did, or for just being a part of your life. Reassuring and showing gratitude to the people who are there for you is important, as making them feel appreciated shows them they are doing the right thing.
  3. Make sure to thank people who provide services, whether it be a teacher, a cashier or someone serving your breakfast at a café; hearing it will make their day and it doesn’t cost you anything.
  4. Give other people a reason to be thankful by providing acts of kindness to strangers and friends alike, it will brighten their day and yours, and makes it more likely for that person to pass on the kindness to a new stranger.
  5. Did you know that being thankful can actually produce dopamine, a chemical released in your brain when you are having a pleasant experience. Thanking someone can actually lift your mood and make you feel happier!

Santa Paws: Saving Christmas One Puppy At a Time

Within the UK it is estimated that 100,000 dogs and cats are without a loving home, either in shelters or strays on the street. With Christmas around the corner, it is the perfect time to donate to charity and help the community in the spirit of togetherness. 

Many families decide a pet would be a perfect Christmas present, but a lot of cats and dogs are returned later in the year when they become “too much responsibility” as people may not understand the amount of time animals need. 

To help with the increase in animals within shelters that are already at their limit, there are charity events called Santa Paws around the country to encourage people to support a variety of causes. 

In 2019 nearly £2,000,000 was raised at the Pets at Home Santa Paws appeal, allowing for new equipment and a continuation of their work with animals. Other organisations have more specific causes, such as training hearing dogs for deaf people which support them with their disabilities. 

Hearing dogs are used to alert their owners about sounds they would usually miss, this can be from the doorbell, alarms and phone but can also help with devices that help us identify hazards, such as a fire alarm, potentially saving lives.

They encourage people to hold Santa Paws events such as a coffee morning or a bake sale, you can make the event as big or as small as you want and every little helps for this organisation. 

Christmas is a time about coming together as a community so it’s the perfect opportunity to get involved and have fun doing so. 

Get involved in helping charities and raise money for this wonderful cause, you can help change an animal’s life. 

Creating an Equal World For All With Human Rights Month

December marks and celebrates Human Rights Month, a time for international awareness for people and nations to join together and stand up for the rights and freedoms of individuals around the globe. The month stems from Human Rights Day, which is the 10th of December and marks the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the United Nations in 1948. 

Whilst it is true that many people around the world have their freedoms and can express themselves for who they are, there are many people who unfortunately can not, and December is a time to spread awareness about human rights violations around the world. 

Each year, the movement focuses on a different theme, this year international Human Rights Day is focusing on how rights are the beginning of peace within societies, and a way to create a fairer society for future generations. 

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved, by donating to many charities around the globe to help people get the necessary resources they need and help improve local communities.  

Currently, there are many human rights violations in which you can help with including the current Afghan crisis, in which many civilians are unable to access necessities and are being displaced by the war. 

Not too far from home is the UK’s poverty crisis, in which food prices rise and wages stagnate, with 2.5 million people receiving emergency foods from food banks in 2021.  

Take this time through the holidays to reflect and grow, keeping in mind that every person from every walk of life should be entitled to their basic human rights. 

The UN has a lot of information on Human Rights Day about how you can get involved and what they are doing in order to ensure Human Rights for everyone. 

Learn Something New By Getting Involved With Spiritual Literacy Month

December marks the start of spiritual literacy month, a time to reflect on one’s own spirituality; whether that be through organised religion, your own spirituality or just learning to understand other people’s spirituality.  

Spiritual Literacy Month was created by Frederic and Mary Brussat in 1996 as a way to help people respect all the world’s religions and the culture that comes alongside them. 

Frederic and Mary Brussat are authors of the book “Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred of Everyday Life”, which is a book that is compiled of 650 examples of spiritual perspectives using readings of passages from a variety of spiritual sources and is also the basis of a 26-part film series by the same name. 

The goal of the month is to encourage anyone who is interested into reading at least one book about spirituality and how doing so can have some positive effects on your mind. 

It’s important to remember that being spiritual does not automatically mean religious, there are many ways one can be spiritual and even if you’re not, you can just learn something new and interesting about a community. 

One believed benefit of trying out this challenge is that it can give advice and open your mind in ways you may not have previously thought, and even if you don’t agree with the content written you have opened yourself up to a new perspective. 

How You Can Reduce Stress With These Time Management Tips

November 1st is the start of stress awareness week, a time to reflect about how we can deal and prevent overwhelming stress.

Retreating to the island of Erraid in Scotland (Like Ben Fogle did) is one way to escape life’s stress, but maybe not a practical one, so here is a few things you can do to help you live a stress-free life.

Not being able to manage your time correctly can lead to a stressful life, whether that’s through procrastinating or simply not giving yourself a decent work-life balance.

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule and planning your days in advance can be a great way to add structure to your life, allowing you to relax knowing that you have set times for yourself throughout the day. It also allows you to be productive whilst working since you already have planned what to do ahead of time, but remember to be flexible in case anything urgent appears.

Use Modern Apps

There are many applications to help you become a time management expert, whether it’s keeping it simple with calendars and journals, or trying some specialised apps such as ‘Rescue Time’, an app that gives you weekly reports on how you’ve spent your time each day.

Specialised help

If you are looking for a more in-depth course on how to manage your time and reduce stress, we offer high quality time management and stress management courses.