6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

Computers are everywhere. They are in almost every workplace and, with the increase in Remote working, they have become even more important. This means that now, more than ever, it is important to have basic computer skills, or to be ‘computer literate’, as it is sometimes known. Computer literacy also makes you more efficient and productive in the workplace and increases your desirability to employers.

So just how do you develop and enhance your computer skills?

1. Start with the Basics

For some very good reasons, there are some people who still can’t accomplish basic tasks such as typing, powering a computer on and off, or learning keyboard commands. If you fall into this category, don’t worry. Many local authorities in the UK provide basic computer courses. The BBC also provides a beginner’s guide that can be downloaded and printed or viewed on a tablet or phone. If  you want to get know how to use Windows, there are lots of tutorials and other learning material on the Microsoft website. You can even start learning without a computer. There are many books that cover basic computer skills.

2. Just Try It

Don’t be afraid to try something on a computer. There are very few things (short of using a hammer) that will permanently break your machine. Just be sure that you have copies of anything important before you experiment. Like anything, regular practice will enhance your skills, making it easier to perform these tasks often. And learning more advanced computer skills will become less intimidating.

3. Search for Answers Online

Once you have mastered the basics, if you do come across something that confuses you, search online. Just ‘Google it’. You will be surprised how many step-by-step articles you will find that will cover what you want exactly. 

4. Take a Course

If you want to learn specific software like Microsoft Office, there are lots of courses you can find online, some of them even free. These will increase your knowledge and skills. Of course, Infero offers courses at all levels and for many different software packages. Not only that, we offer Virtual Courses, conducted online, with a live trainer, able to re-explain or go over any area and answer any questions.

5. Get Together with Other People

There may be a Computer Club near you that has meetings for beginnings. In the office, if you have a computer skill or program you want to learn but don’t have the resources, you can try talking to your managers. If there are other employees in the office with the same requirement, your company may be more willing to consider training if they know there is a general need, or if they see that it’s to their advantage.

6. Help Someone Else

Studies have shown that the best way to understand a concept yourself is to teach it to someone else. Also, the people you help may ask questions that you may not have ever thought of. Helping them will expand your own understanding and help someone in the process.

The thing to remember is not to be scared of Computers. Computers are designed to do exactly what you tell them to do and are really much simpler than you think. Who knows what you could accomplish!

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